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Christina Fulton™ Sk1nHack3r Cream

Our flagship product, Sk1nHack3r, contains anti-aging ingredients which include Retinol, vitamins C, B, D, E, A, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, biotin, jojoba seed oil, sweet orange peel oil, pine bark extract oil, royal jelly extract, aloe vera leaf extract, oryzanol from rice bran oil, olive leaf extract, peptides, biophenols, and flavonoids, and many more that infuse the skin with anti-aging, anti-inflammation and anti-microbial properties...

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Christina Fulton™
Epic Oil

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Christina Fulton™
Amen Wash

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About the Company

Christina Fulton’s products use premium ingredients from Eastern Asia that are high quality, highly effective, in high concentrations. Throughout this anti-aging skin wellness product line, we are using exclusive combinations of 32 premium vitamins, emollients, healing and brightening agents, vital nutrients and anti-oxidants that are natural and cruelty free. Our technology and science behind all of our products are not only preventive but help protect and encourage your skin to repair. Our products act like your skin’s bodyguard.

Outstanding Reviews

Dana G. says, “I can’t live without Sk1nHack3r now! I saw a difference in the first week. I am married to a doctor, so I know what quality is. My skin is changing thanks to
Christina Fulton.”

Shirleen F. says, “This is the most luxurious, beautiful product I’ve ever had. I see wrinkles going away and dark circles disappearing, just all over smoothed and firmed my   skin.”